Super Times Pay Poker- A Hint on Playing Hands and Tips

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Super Times Pay Poker is IGT produced. It is a video poker machine that offers a multiplier on hands. The attraction in a video poker casino is you must make a max bet of the 5 coins, and a sixth coin is required to activate the multiplier.


2 times is the minimum multiplier, and 10 times is the max. It makes the casino game exciting that you can see a large payout in combination with the multiplier. Using the multiplier with strategy is a good move.


Tips to Play Super Times Pay Poker Video Poker

A multi-hand video poker game is the Super Times Pay poker game. It allows playing per turn between 3 and 10 hands, depending on the machine.


In this game, selecting the bet size, several hands, and the bonus from the screen bottom is an advantage. For the 3rd hand game, consider the betting options, as 1 to 5 coins per hand, 1 to 5 hands, and 1 bonus bet for each hand.


There is a need to make in video poker tables a max bet along with a bonus wager to get to the top payback. It means it will be a total of 18 coins. On the denomination machine, betting per turn is $6 and is much for players. Low rollers opt for nickel denomination machines as per turn cost is low.


The other options in super times pay video poker include the ability to change game speed and the Max Bet poker casino


Playing Hands

  • You can start by selecting the hand’s numbers  in best video poker game and the bet size of your choice. Choosing a single hand or increasing the hand’s number high as allowed by the game is best.
  • Picking betting options means receiving a hand by clicking ‘Deal and to play more hands, you have only face up with the bottom hand, and the others will remain face down.
  • Holding every card in the bottom hand requires active hands. For instance, keeping in the bottom hand two aces and active hand flipping two aces is helpful.


On completing free 10 hand video poker game making discards and holding cards, complete the bottom hand by clicking Draw and completing the other active hands.


Super Times Pay Multiplier

As mentioned before, the Super Times Pay Multiplier activates with the sixth coin. The multiplier potential win ranges from 2 to 10 times with each win. For instance, get on max bet, a 4 of its kind paying 125 credits. You win 500 coins on getting a 4x multiplier.


As per Super Times Pay, it helps screen, while a multiplier roughly occurs with every 15 hands and multiplies on an average bet to around 4.05 times. It means you win 20.33% at this rate more on making a multiplier bet. Enact Super Times Pay while you get the expected positive value. Super Times pay more due to this effect as payback than you get through video poker, normally.


Super Times Pay online casino video poker allows playing several variations, like multi-hand games. However, there are bonus payouts for different hands types. There will be double bonus payouts, offering higher payouts for four hands while enjoying larger bonus payouts in video poker multi pro casino with 4 aces as a special payout.

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