Strategy of Super Times Pay Poker Ensuring a Fun Gaming Experience

Super Times Pay Video Poker

Super Times Pay Video Poker offers multipliers that players wonder if they must adjust to their strategy. There is no need to make any changes. You can follow the game’s standard strategy for playing. The adjustment you make is the Super Times Pay multiplier bet.

Sample Strategy 

There are several tools to help play a better game of video poker casino. It includes hand calculators, training programs, and strategy charts. If you are not an expert in playing  best video poker game, the recommendation is to initiate following a simple strategy and to advance with extensive strategy charts in association with training programs in video poker.


A simplified Jacks of 9/6 or Better strategy chart will offer a payback of 99.46%. It is optimal, offering a payback of 99.54%, and there is less to remember. Here is the triple play video poker chart to use on:


Simple Strategy Chart for online casino video poker

  • 4 cards to the royal flush
  • Royal flush, straight flush, any 4 of one kind
  • A straight flush with 4 cards
  • Flush, full house, straight, any 3 of one kind
  • 4 cards to flush
  • 3 cards to the royal flush
  • 2 pair
  • 2 unsuited high cards
  • Low pair 10s or even lower
  • High pair aces than jacks
  • Suited K10, J10 or Q10
  • 4 cards to straight outside
  • One high card ace to jackSuper Times Pay Video Poker

Higher Variance

Super Times Pay 8/5 Bonus Poker or 9/6 Jacks or Better offers an amazing winning chance on video poker pay tables. The only problem is dealing with higher variance as your wins become larger and more sporadic.


The multiplier is the reason that happens 1/15 hands. Combining Harrah’s video poker with varied payouts in video poker, you go with Super Times Pay through serious downswings. The best way of counteracting is by having a large enough bankroll as it helps withstand the swings of pay during the gaming experience.


It is enough on Super Times Pay Poker Video Poker to have $200 to $300. It is enough to get $50 or less, it will not allow you much time to feel a cold spell while you make max bets.



Super Times Pay Poker favors two reasons:

  • Earn higher payback with Super Times Pay
  • Earn multiplied payouts, making things interesting

The above-mentioned two reasons make Super Times Pay Poker worth playing any time, and you can find this game in the casino. The multiplier leads to large payouts, reaching 8x to 10x. The only thing to keep a watch for is when the casinos feature Super Times Pay Poker machines or lower-paying games such as free 10 hand video poker.

Decide if the payouts in video poker multi pro casino are lower and make Super Times Pay worth playing. It reduces significantly the flush, full house, or other payouts, ensuring playing video poker games regularly and enjoying better off. However, on getting higher payback in the casino games or even getting close to normal payback, the recommendation is to try Super Times Pay, as it is a fun way of experiencing video poker.

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